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maddi can’t make two minute noodles.

i dont know if you shoud be jealous of my holidays, but the last week sucked alot.
the only thing that i liked was going to maddi’s, hanging out with my dad,

that was so effing great i love prom queen so much
i loved it there were so many awesome bands there!
carpathian were there and they have a song called
holding hands is for girls so me and lor held hands =]
the getaway plan was there also!
lor and i moshed to them while holding hands!
it was a really great night!

then the next day i went to maddi’s.
when i went to maddi’s it was fun,
cause her family is so effing great and we had fun!
we also watched awesome movies! like dirty dancing!

when i was hanging out with my daddddddyyyy =] we were at the beach in portarlington,
(on a family holiday) and we had jim beam while he tried to fish =]
the rest of my family wasn’t there so it was good,
if they were there we would have been fighting.

the cabin we stayed in was so ewwwwwwwww!!!
so as you can see my holidays weren’t so great.


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– She was standing in a desolate place near her house surrounded by nothing but trees. She opened her mouth and screamed. Loud and long. As she screamed she felt the tension and the worries of her day slip away and echo around the trees. She screamed continuously until she was hoarse and could scream no more. While some of her anger was released into the wilderness. The sadness that held her captive couldn’t be released. As the echoes of her screams subsided she collapsed onto the grass and cried. Cried for all the she wished she had but couldn’t find cried for the life everyone seemed to have but her.

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i ♥ corin!

corin ♥  cheese!

i ♥ legs!

legs ♥ me! 




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famished =]
feline =]
fiction  =]
awesome =]
furniture =]
fabric =]
favourite =]
driving =]
lethal =]
facist =[


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your a champ!!!!!

i lvoe you (L)

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corin and cheese are like a fat kid and cake !



legs legs legs


corin corin corin

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has legs :]
if you didnt all ready know!
i did cuz im smart…  :]
and guessssss what !!!!!!!!


jealous ??
i would be


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City Experience

Day 1: 

We went to the Old Melbourne Gaol (Jail), first we had a tour of the jail, and we were told about what some of the crimes were like back then. The tour guide told us a bit about the people there too. Once we had been told about some of the crimes and the cells and been explained to us, we saw the thing were they hung people that committed serious crimes. After that we got to go around the jail in little groups or by ourselves.  

Later in the day we went into our little groups and went our separate ways. My group had to go to The Docklands. We took the City Tram, and we went to the docklands to complete our booklets. We got ice cream!! We had finished our booklets early so we just went back to the ‘main’ area and hung around till it was time to go. 

Day 2: 

We went to the MCG, to go to the MCG we had to get off a
Richmond the stands. We got to go on the man eating escalators, we heard about a lot of the history of the MCG. At the MCG we went to the
Richmond lockers and Amelia went crazy because she loves
Richmond, it was really funny to watch.

We went to the
Southgate found court. It was fun we join 4 tables together and had a really fun time!

After that we found our way to the Rialto Tower it was so cool being so high up. Being outside the view was amazing, seeing everything from there was just so wow!  After that we were meant to go to China
Town, so we did but when we got there it was so dodgy. So Laura and I went to look in the shops on that road while Jarra, Caroline and Bec went to have a look at

Day 3: 

We went to the Ian Potter Gallery. It was kinda really dodgy we had these little chairs we had to carry around they were the highlight of my morning! There was one painting I liked it was really modern and bright, I liked the way that the artist had captured
Melbourne in the night.

After that we spent the afternoon at the Queen Victoria Market. I don’t think we really did anything but shop there. We just looked around so it got kinda boring since I had no money. Then Laura bought a duck and we had to leave cause I don’t know why, but yeah. We were walking to get our tram and then it was going to leave and the driver saw us and starting laughing but he said he would wait for us! So then we took the tram to

 Flinders Street and waited around to for the teachers and train so we could leave.

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Final Quarter

1.The stereotypes in bend it like beckham impact on jess alot, because her parents dont want her to play soccor. They wont her to l;ive the traditional indian life.

2. Yes, Like the article we read it class the girls wanted to play soccor and  there religoin didnt allow it.

3. Well the start of last year, people thought i was a goth and the expected me to drink blood and worship satan.

4.The media are partly responsible, but its manly people in general,  everyone has been told by society what everything is, T.V have a lot of impact on the way people think about people they have all these shows and all the blonde girls act ditzy so the stereotype of a blonde is they are dumb. Stereotypes come from the idea people have of a  way people behave when the dress, act they are ment to be a certain way are ment to behave like certain way..

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Three Links.

Mest; http://www.mestcrapp.com/

They are my favorite band. There songs have awesome lyrics.
The band broke up a few months ago.
They have there on style of music,
but when you hear one of there songs you can tell what there infulences are.

MxPx; http://www.mxpx.com/

There like whoa great. 












Paperdol heaven;  www.paperdollheaven.com

On this site you get to make over cebelrity dolls.
Its fun cause you make them look silly.
You can do there make-up and clothes.



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